Last night Becky was on her way home from cheering at a wrestling meet and had yet another accident. If it weren't for bad luck this girl would have no luck! She was going on M54 south of Marathon, where the road was clear (surprising for that road) and suddenly she came upon a huge snowdrift...with no choice but to keep going as she had no time to stop. She hit the drift, spun one way, spun the other way...hitting a mailbox in the process...and spun back the other way again. Needless to say, she was scared half to death! Once she stopped she calmed down a minute, checked herself (she was fine) and then checked her car and the mailbox. Her car has damage...the back door is missing a window and has a big hole in the door. The mailbox has damage too, although it is still standing on the pole (tough mailbox!). She figures that mailbox saved her from going in the ditch, so that is good. The owners of the mailbox were not home, so she still has the job of going to their house and telling them what she did, but we know the people and they are very, very nice, so I am sure she will not have a problem with them. Luckily, after the accident her car was still driveable so she drove it to a friend's house and called home to tell us what had happened. Since we weren't sure there was no engine damage we went to pick her up and will check the car out today...I think it is okay other than the door. The main thing is that she wasn't hurt..we can fix or replace the car, we only have one Becky!

date January 18, 2009

1 comments to “Car vs Mailbox”

  1. pamela
    January 18, 2009 at 1:53 PM

    Poor Becky if it weren't for bad luck she wouldn't have any with cars. At least it is only the mailbox and car that got hurt and not her.

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