It is a brand new year and everyone is making resolutions, which will be broken or ignored within a week. I, on the other hand, have made a resolution that will certainly be kept, I am not going to do anything new or different this year, I am going to live my life exactly like I did last year and everything will go fine. I am not vowing to lose weight, exercise more, spend less money, not yell at the kids, do a better job at work, put less miles on the car, watch less TV, go to church more, keep the house cleaner... none of it because none of it will happen anyway and what is the point in disappointing myself? I figure last year was a good enough year as far as things go, so why make big changes? I would like to do some of those things, but I am not setting myself up for a fall...if they happen, they happen. It will be a year of big changes anyway with Becky going off to college, when you get to be my age one big thing a year is enough! I am happy with my life just the way it is, so I am not going to make fancy new year resolutions...I am just going to live my life and love my family...what better way to spend a new year?

date January 1, 2009

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