Apparently Brian's apartment is a mecca for drunks! (Remember the last time when the naked guy was in Brian's bed?) Last night, about 2:30am the three boys (Brian, Jordan, Dylan) were sound asleep when they were awoken by someone pounding on their door. Being the responsible boys they are, they checked it out and since it was so cold they opened the door to see if the guy needed help. As soon as they opened the door a crack the guy forced his way in and proceeded to run upstairs to the living room...leaving the scent of booze all the way behind him! He was obviously drunk so the boys tried to talk him back down the stairs and out the him down there and then when Brian gave the signal Jordan opened the door and they shoved the drunk out. This made the drunk mad so he started banging on the door again and then kicked out the glass window next to the door and took off running! This made the boys mad! Dylan chased after him (when there is four feet of snow and you are drunk you can't run very fast) while Brian and Jordan called the police...found out later they were the third people to call on the drunk that night as he had been pounding on other people's doors too and the police were on their way when Brian and Jordan called. They brought the drunk back into the apartment to wait for the police and the drunk was very upset...he knew he was in trouble. Brian was sitting on the arm of the couch and the drunk was on the middle of the couch trying to convince Brian he should let him go...he suddenly laid his head on Brian's knee and started crying, pleading with him to let him go..."I will take you to the keg man, I know where the keg party is!" Brian told him he had class in the morning and the drunk said "so do I!". The police were apparently having a hard time finding the apartment so Brian and Jordan went outside to wait for them...the drunk must have thought Brian was his only hope because when he left the drunk curled up in a ball and started sobbing! The police came, arrested the drunk and took him away. The boys have a police report number so that they can turn in the broken window to the apartment office and not be blamed for doing it themselves. Such excitement for a Wednesday night in Ames!

date January 15, 2009

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