Not a lot has been happening lately, but here is what has been.

Kayla and I spent Friday and Saturday in Vermillion at USD. We went so she could have a lesson with the clarinet professor on Friday and sit and watch the marching band that evening, we then planned to watch the football game on Saturday. But it turned into much more for her. The band professor invited Kayla to march in the parade with the band (it was USD Homecoming) and then play with them in the stands during the game! To say she was excited is an understatement...she still hasn't come down from that excitement. :) They even gave her an "official" band t-shirt. She is hoping (planning) to go back and play with the pep band during a basketball game. Good experience for next year when she goes to USD.

Brian is still enjoying working at Arby's, still keeps saying he will be moving to Kansas but has yet to do anything to further that. He doesn't want to live at home but doesn't do anything about moving either...makes me laugh. Home means cooked meals, a clean house and his clothes get washed. If he lived in Kansas he would have to do all those things for himself. I think Dan is really enjoying having him live at home though...Brian has been a huge help with the pigs and harvesting.

Becky tells me she is getting all As in her classes...and still has time to play Family Feud on facebook! She is enjoying working at Arby's in Spearfish as well, likes the managers a lot. She also gets a laugh out of her roommate and the roommate's friends. Becky has learned some new things from them and their Asian culture and I am sure she has taught them a few American things too. :) Of course, I only know these things because I read her blog...she never calls me :p (hi Becky!)

Dan has finished harvesting the beans but hasn't had time to switch out the heads on the combine yet to start the corn. Yields were pretty good he tells me, except for where the river ran through the field for most of the summer.

So that is the update for this week...who knows what may happen before the next one!

date October 4, 2010

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