My children continue to amaze me. If this is too much bragging for you then feel free to stop reading here, because it is going to get crazy.

Brian could be a mechanic. Last night Dan needed help with replacing a tire on his pickup so Brian and I went out to the shop to help (he said he needed three people, he really didn't). Brian just jumped right in and did what needed to be done to get the new tire on the rim and replace the valve questions on how, just knew. The other day he was working on his car...fixing the headlights that wouldn't go on dim, replacing the motor on the back door window that wouldn't go up and something else with the engine that was above what I understood. He knows how to do all these things because he has helped Dan so much through the years. It amazes me how much he knows about fixing cars and trucks and tractors and combines.

Becky should be a fashion designer. She can look at her clothes and see outfits that most people would never dream of and they look fantastic and cute! Sometimes she would get ready for school in the morning and come downstairs and I would just think wow, I would never have thought of that! Just simple things like jeans and a t-shirt she can dress up with a scarf or a vest and make it dressy. Becky knows how to tie scarves in every way imaginable or to drape them so they look just right...I know how to tie a knot and call it good. She can go to the store and pick out cute dresses and then make them look even better with accessories...usually things I would not have thought to put with that particular dress, or any other outfit she wears, but as usual, Becky pulls it off and it looks great. Her fashion sense amazes me.

Last night Kayla told me she had a song she wanted me to listen to. She started it playing on her computer and I was stunned at how great it sounded. The tones of a clarinet filled the room and I was wondering to myself which professor she had gotten this CD from (the professors at the colleges she visited each gave a CD of their professional recordings to Kayla). Then she tells me that she had recorded herself playing her All-State audition solo...I was stunned! The music was beautiful and the sound was too. Kayla is going into music performance and music education in college and I say those are the perfect majors for her. Her musical talent is amazing.

So there you have it, my children amaze me...usually on a daily basis! :) Of course they all have many other talents that also amaze me...Brian's ability to so easily make friends, Becky's ability to handle whatever comes her way in life, Kayla's ability to do so many things at once....the list goes on and on.

date October 13, 2010

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