No, not the aliens...the 80's! Well, the 80's fashions I sit here typing wearing my jeans tucked into my knee high boots and ruffles down the front of my shirt :p

I clearly remember my early high school days of wearing straight leg jeans tucked tightly into my knee high boots...back then though the boots were brown leather and had a zipper up the inside leg so they could be put on and taken off...also made for easier jean tucking. The jeans were also just your basic straight leg style. Now the boots are almost always pull on "scrunch" boots and many of them are only slightly above the ankle...but you still tuck your jeans into them! The jeans now are called "skinnies" and are much more form fitting on the leg than just straight leg style. Back in the day you could buy little "stirrups" to fasten on one side of the hem of your jeans, go under your foot and fasten on the other side of your hem...helped keep your pants in the boots. Then, horrors, the stirrup pants faze began. I really hope that is not a fashion look that returns! I personally just tuck my jeans into my knee high socks and that works just fine :)

I had several "ruffle shirts" when I was in high school too. Shirts that had big, borderline huge, ruffles down the front, sometimes several layers of them. Nowadays the ruffles are still in several layers, but much smaller...more of a tuxedo shirt style. The cool thing is to wear the ruffle shirts with a vest or open front sweater, I love both of those looks.
Other trends of the 80's are also making an appearance in the stores. Prairie skirts are back...remember the cotton, flowered pattern multi-tiered skirts? I haven't bought one of them yet, but pair one with a ruffle shirt and you couldn't scream 80's any louder! Scarves are another good example, although they were more late 80's and were a slightly different style back then.

I can't say I completely object to the 80's fashions...just keep leather pants and parachute pants away from me and I will be fine. A few years ago the 70's were all the rage so when will we revisit the 90's? Some basic things never go out of style...women were wearing pencil skirts and basic black since the dawn of time (ok, maybe not that long ago, but you get the idea) and they still wear them today. Same with men and a basic dress shirt and tie. Staples you can always turn to and be in style. I personally wear whatever I it from this year's style or something I have owned forever and still love. Vests are huge this year which I adore but skinny jeans are also huge which is a little more difficult for a "big girl" to pull off. Oh well, I wear what I want when I want and if someone is offended by my lack of style then they can just look the other way :)

date October 28, 2010

1 comments to “They're baaaa-aaack”

  1. pamela
    October 28, 2010 at 12:22 PM

    If only I could fit into my clothes from the 80's then I wouldn't have to buy new ones.

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