Some things to think about...

Why is a semi called an 18 wheeler? Cars aren't called 4 wheelers.

Why do we say someone is out for a Sunday drive if they are driving slowly?

Why do people who farm half the country say they are blessed? Why not just admit they are greedy?

Why is what people do in the bedroom, and who they do it with, anyone's business but theirs?

Why is everyone so intolerant of other country's religions?

Why do people who live in areas that get a lot of snow in the winter complain about it? If you don't like it move somewhere else.

Why are there two names for fall/autumn? None of the other seasons have two names.

Why does bacon taste so good?

Who ever came up with the idea of hotels?

Who first looked at a cow udder and wondered what would happen if you pulled on it?

Why are dogs and cats the only 4 legged animals that are domesticated?

Why do bad things happen to good people?

Why can girls have long hair but it is considered "hippie" for boys to do it?

Why do girls wear make-up and high heels and dresses and men can get by with sweats?

Why is it if a woman has many partners she is a bad person but if a man does it he is a stud?

Why do people give their children hard to pronounce and hard to spell names?

Why does the woman take the man's name when they get married?

Why does a picture of a heart look nothing like a real heart?

Why is the heart the only body part that means something else? You don't give someone a picture of an ear for Valentine's Day.

Why do people go on TV on those stupid court shows?

Why doesn't purple match red?

Why did someone decide to put 24 hours in a day?

Why were credit cards invented?

Why do some areas of the country have breakfast, lunch and dinner and others have breakfast, dinner and supper?

Why do kids at school have lunch but at home they have dinner?

Why is pink a girl color and blue a boy color?

Why do people have cell phones with them 24/7? Twenty years ago no one had one and we all got along fine.

Why isn't white gold called silver?

Why do some girls think they can run around half naked and then get mad when people notice?

Why is steak more expensive than hamburger? It all comes from the same cow.

Why does pop taste different in a can compared to a bottle?

Why do some people call it pop and some call it soda?

Why is it called soccer here but football in Britain?

Why do women have to shave their legs and armpits but men don't?

Why do people think the government shouldn't control health care but they should control whether or not a woman can terminate her pregnancy?

Why are the rich people Republican and the poor people Democratic?

Why do women think they have to have big boobs, blonde hair and no excess weight to be attractive?

Why are there so many reality shows about losing weight? What is wrong with being overweight?

Why do people abuse their children?

Why are they called lady bugs instead of man bugs?

Why are you still reading this?

date October 8, 2010

1 comments to “Points to Ponder”

  1. Deb
    October 10, 2010 at 8:08 PM

    I read them all ... good points to ponder!

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