Dan and I spent the afternoon at the Clay County Fair yesterday. We saw lots of horses, pigs, cows, sheep. chickens, rabbits and ducks. We also saw lots of farm equipment, old tractors and weird people. My favorite part was the Tom Thumb donuts of course! Lots of the exhibits were people selling stuff that you wonder if anyone really ever buys. For example, one booth was selling "Number 2"..."spray the bowl before you go and no one will know". A spray for the toilet to use before you use the toilet so you don't leave a smell behind!! Like the smell of the spray wouldn't give you away...

Lots and lots of walking, lots and lots of people. Saw some we knew, some we were glad we didn't know! All in all it was a great day and we had fun.

This was in the livestock pavilion...not sure if it is a sheep or a goat but it was about 2 feet tall and adorable!

I thought this tractor was very cute, Dan thought that was an inappropriate word for it :)

Apparently this is the new way to carry literature :p

date September 12, 2010

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