Busy weekend ahead...which is always fun. Tonight I am going to the football game to watch the marching band and my favorite drum major leading them. Of course I will take lots of pictures, after all, this is her final year as drum major!

Tomorrow night Dan and I have a birthday party to attend in Storm Lake. It is for my boss and at King's Pointe so should be a fun time. There is a great band that is going to play and lots of people are attending. Not very often we get out to do something like that so should be a good time.

Sunday Kayla and I are considering going to LeMars for their ChalkArt Festival. People, some professional artists, draw on the sidewalks with chalk...big drawings. Some even look 3D. This has been advertised on TV for several weeks now and looks like it might be fun. Also a good excuse to get some yummy ice cream at the Ice Cream Capital of the World.

Dan is hoping to start combining beans this weekend too. He has to load pigs today and then has a lot of other jobs to get done for his "other bosses" so he isn't sure if he will get time or not. The beans are ready and waiting!

The weather has cooled down and the crops are turning colors. Fall doesn't officially start until next week, but I am welcoming it now. Harvesting, dropping leaves, sweatshirts, football games with marching band...I love it!

date September 17, 2010

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