Becky and Eli are on vacation. They left this morning to spend a long weekend in Minneapolis going to a car show and the Mall of America. I am sure Becky will convince Eli to go to more malls and I am sure he will find more cars to look at too. It is nice they could take some time to get away and have fun together, just the two of them.

Brian is spending a few days in Kansas, applying for jobs and doing interviews. So far he hasn't gotten any news, but he is hopeful he will get something soon. He told the hiring agency that he would pretty much accept any job except for going door to door selling vacuums. I am sure something will come up, I just hope it is something he enjoys and something that will pay well enough so he doesn't have to get a second job to afford his rent and living expenses.

Owning a car seems to sometimes be nothing but trouble. Brian's car won't start. Not sure why, but think perhaps the starter. Dan's car needs a starter too and his truck needs brakes. The other day the truck overheated because the radiator drain plug fell out and all the water ran he had to have the truck, and him, towed home. Since Brian's car won't start he had to take mine to Kansas, Becky and Eli took hers to Minneapolis so that leaves us here at home with only Kayla's car. It made for an interesting morning when I had to go to work and Dan had to go do chores...he dropped me off, came home and fixed the truck and then picked me up again. Luckily Kayla then had her car to get to work tonight. Like they say...if it has wheels or testicles it is going to give you trouble...heeheehee :)

date June 18, 2010

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