Kayla seems to be fighting a never ending battle. She is sick, gets better for a few days and then something else happens. First she had female troubles, although we were told it was something else. Took her to the doctor time after time, got medication after medication and nothing worked. Took her to a different doctor, immediate correct diagnosis, surgery and she is fine. Wasn't many months after that and her knees starting causing her trouble. Ended up having surgery for that and now she seems to be okay with them, as long as she doesn't wear her flip flops too much. Got over the knees and the headache started...all day...every day. Doctor visit after doctor visit, test after test, no relief. Finally got an appointment with a specialist, different medication and it seems to be working. Lately she hasn't been able to eat any more than a few bites before she feels sick, so more medication for that. We thought we had the medical issues under control...but we were wrong. Tuesday night she went out with friends for supper and a movie. On the way home she started feeling very hot and "pukey"...they had to pull the car over so she could throw up in the ditch. Then they got to one of the girl's houses and she threw up in their front yard because she knew she wasn't going to make it into the house and the bathroom. I thought maybe it was just a flu thing..of course the night before we were supposed to go to college visits...but she was fine in the morning. Now tonight she is at work and feeling the same way again...not throwing up though...yet. Her sides hurt so much she can barely walk since the first episode of this ailment and she has a few other symptoms. Looks like a time for another doctor appointment and more medication.

Sometimes it worries me with all the medicines she takes...I trust her doctor to not give her something that will interact with what she is already taking, but I still worry about what all those medications are doing to her body. She is only 16 and is already on two medications daily plus she is frequently on others for various illnesses. I know some people have constant health issues and apparently, sadly, Kayla is going to be one of those people.

date June 18, 2010

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