Not much happening around my house lately. Wednesday and Thursday Kayla and I go to Des Moines to visit Drake University and to Indianola to visit Simpson College. The first of several college visits we have planned for the summer. Next Monday we go to Hawarden for senior pictures. All these things to get done and Kayla has to have band lessons and work in there too!

It has been raining for many days straight now and I am getting tired of it. The crops needed the rain, but it can stop for awhile now. We had to stand in the misty rain and do the Marathon to Marathon water station on Saturday and then I had to sit in the rain (with my umbrella) on Sunday afternoon listening to Kayla's band concert in the park.

Been having all sorts of troubles at work with getting the paper out. Things keep breaking down and we have been having to go to Sheldon to get the plates made that print the paper. Makes it very tense around here once in awhile!

Kids are all doing well, keeping busy with their own things to do. Can't believe it is the middle of June already, we haven't had much summer weather yet. I keep saying I am going to start walking in the evenings, but it just keeps raining or I just keep staying lazy! Oh well, it will happen eventually and then I will think I should have started sooner. Maybe I can get Kayla or Becky to go with me...

date June 14, 2010

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