The world is full of idiots...and apparently one of them is a frequent commenter on a newspaper website. I made the mistake of reading an article online about the tragic death of Mr. Petersen...and then was dumb enough to read all the comments people made. One idiot just keeps commenting and driving home the idea that the sun was not a factor and it was not an accident. How the heck does anyone know what really happened except for the two people who were there? They don' they need to stop making stupid, offensive comments so that other people can read them and make more stupid, offensive comments in response. It was a terrible thing that happened...the bicyclist was just out riding and minding his own business, the driver of the car was doing the same. To say that this was anything other than an accident and that charges should be filed is ridiculous. This tragedy will be difficult for a lot of people to get over and having someone trying to cause trouble for the survivor is not going to help.

date June 3, 2010

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