I am starting a new thing...Tuesday Tootsies (and yes, I know I am a day late). As most of you know, I have a bit of a shoe obsession :) My thinking is, that no matter what size you wear for clothes it can be difficult to find cute things to wear...especially if you are a more voluptuous lady :) But shoes...shoes don't care how much you weigh or if your curves are in the wrong places. Shoes are very forgiving. Therefore comes my small obsession (Dan would disagree with the word small, but since he isn't writing this I don't have to agree with him). I used to read a blog of a teacher who would put on pictures of her shoes almost every day. She had some adorable shoes! Then she got pregnant, had her baby early and he has brain damage. I still read the blog, but now it is all about her adorable little boy. So basically, I stole the shoe picture idea from her. So the plan is to have a picture every Tuesday of cute shoes. Some will be ones that I own, some will be ones that I wish I owned and some will be some of the weirdest, most bizarre shoes every seen (there is a website for them). So if you have a shoe obsession like I do, or even if you don't, enjoy the pictures :)
This is a pair of sandals I bought at WalMart for $10. The last two years I have searched and searched for brown sandals, this year they are everywhere!

date May 19, 2010

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