Nothing much happening around here...just little things that go on day to will do a kid update.

Brian-living at Camp Foster for the summer. So far there have just been day camps but he is still keeping busy. He and another counselor built a fence around the garden and Brian spent all day (8 hours) using the WeedEater all around the property. He is also now able to drive the mower, tractor and other equipment...the only counselor allowed to do that. The maintenance man realized that Brian comes from a "working farm" so he knows how to safely and competently drive those things, plus he can help fix them! So this was a promotion for Brian this year. This kid is so happy at camp...he loves working with the kids and loves being outside. It will be a fun summer for him.

Becky-back living at home for the summer and working at Arby's. She too got a promotion, she will soon be a night manager. This will look great on her application when she wants to transfer to the Arby's in Spearfish, SD this fall. Of course the biggest thing in Becky's life this summer is Eli coming home from Iraq...he should be here sometime in June we are thinking (that will have been a year since he left). So I am guessing between work and Eli it will be like Becky really isn't living at home after all...she will be in bed when I get up in the morning and I will be in bed when she gets home at night!

Kayla-so ready to be done with school! She has semester tests this week and then next week is May Term...the fun stuff! Her May Term class this year is Internship, so she will be interning with the band teacher, Ms. Allen. No surprise there! She will get to help with lessons (which she already does), do some fifth grade band work, file music, check over instruments and basically get the band room ready for the end of the school year. One day they will spend at Adventureland with the middle school band...Kayla will be directing them as they play on the Adventureland Stage. Summer will bring continued band lessons and work at Arby's...and of course BAND CAMP! We also have some college visits planned so will be a busy summer.

So from the way it looks all three kids will be busy doing work and having fun all summer. Before they know it the summer will be over and everyone will be back to the "grind". Brian will be working in Kansas, Becky will be studying in Spearfish and Kayla will be a senior...if only summer didn't go by so fast!

date May 18, 2010

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