Brian discovered he can get some of his textbooks online at amazon much cheaper then at the bookstore on campus.

Becky had no choice about ordering some of her textbooks online because the campus bookstore ran out and the books are no longer available to them. She found them online though.

Kayla got a new netbook today. It will be easier for her to take to school and do her online college class and it means I don't have to share my computer anymore.

Brian lost his phone and car keys. However, unlike most people, he is not at all bothered by it. He figures they will show up eventually.

Becky is finally headed back to USD today. Eli will go spend some time with her before he leaves again and they will have the weekend together.

Kayla was scheduled to work every night last week. She didn't realize she was down for Friday so didn't go until they called her. Whoops!

Dan has been so busy lately I seldom see him before bedtime. He has new baby pigs in one building and has been trying to keep the barn here clean and dry. Hard to do in this weather.

I am getting the beginning of a cold. I seriously cannot remember the last time I was sick.

First Becky's car broke down. Then Kayla's car broke down. Becky bought another car since hers is almost to 300,000 miles. Kayla's car needed an alternator and belt. Becky's car needed a starter. We just put one in in October so when we got another one we returned the defective one.

Kayla has been having trouble with her knees. Tomorrow we go to the specialist to see if he can figure out what is wrong. She is majorly worried about what he will say, I am not. She is sure it is going to be a big deal and involve surgery and no more show choir. I am thinking it is something simple and will only require exercises. I hope I am right.

I bought a picture frame that says "Home is where they will always love you". It is black and white so I put black and white pictures of the kids in it. There are three pictures and in each one the kids get a little older. In one picture Becky's hair is darker since the picture is black and white and she looks just like Kayla does now.

Kayla has speech contest in Spencer this Saturday. She is in an Improv group.

Becky is taking a Political Science course this semester that is several grades above her grade. She is slightly nervous about it.

Brian is excited to have a friend from Brazil move to Iowa. He is here for a year and Brian will get to see him this summer when he goes to work at camp.

date January 18, 2010

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  1. Deb
    January 18, 2010 at 9:15 PM

    Brian hasn't changed a bit from that picture, but the girls look a lot different! Nice pic and it sounds like the frame is nice too!

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