This morning Kayla and I helped Dan sort some pigs here to go to market tomorrow. After cleaning up Kayla went shopping with some friends and Dan went to clean turkey buildings. I have had the whole day home all alone...silence is golden! Between folding loads of clean clothes I have been watching movies, reading a book and watching a little cleaning that I didn't get done yesterday. I love days like this...but now I am getting bored and hoping Kayla comes home soon since I know Dan won't be home until at least 9.

In my previous post I said how I was sure Kayla's knees wouldn't be any big deal and she wouldn't need surgery...well unfortunately she was right on that one. She is so ready for it to just be done and over with, two years of on and off, and now mostly on, pain are enough. She is a little freaked out by the idea of surgery and how she will walk with crutches when she isn't supposed to put weight on her knees, but I am sure she will do fine.

Brian amazes me. Not only has he declared physics as his major but now he is taking a calculus class he can keep up in physics class. I would not be able to do high school classes in either of those subjects, but he is loving it. At speech yesterday the husband of a friend asked how Brian was doing and what his major was. I said he is happy at Kansas and majoring in physics. The guy said "well I always knew he was smart"...that kind of made my day :)

Becky got one last weekend with Eli before he flies out on Tuesday morning. She was back at USD on Tuesday and he came to spend some time with her Thursday and Friday. I was a little worried she might skip class on Friday to be with him, but he went to classes with her! I thought that was pretty nice of him to do. They both came and watched Kayla perform in speech on Saturday, which was also nice...made Kayla very happy to have Becky there.

Dan has been crazy busy lately...helping clean out turkey buildings, has to load and sort hogs at one of the sites tomorrow and also has to load here, has to fix his tractor tire (pray for no snow because the loader tractor has a flat), and also needs to get into town to fix Scott's tractor. All this extra work on top of his regular chores and little things that need to be done here at home. No wonder I don't see him until late at night!

My good friend Mel is about to become a grandma for the first time. I went shopping for some things to send to her daughter (Andrea) for her new baby daughter (Mia) and had so much fun buying all those little baby things. I hope it is many years before I become a grandma, but I will have some seriously spoiled grandchildren when I do!

Still spending my afternoon watching football and waiting for the Vikings/Saints game to start. I am really hoping the Vikings lose since they beat my Cowboys...and for other reasons ;) It has been a lazy Sunday...just the way I like it.

date January 24, 2010

1 comments to “Sunday Silence”

  1. Jennifer @ Getting Down With Jesus
    January 24, 2010 at 8:21 PM

    You know what, girl? Sounds like you needed a little Sunday Silence. :-)

    So, so, so much going on in your life -- keeping up with kids and a busy hubby. Wow!!! A break every now and again is nice.

    Thanks for the update. We'll keep on checkin' in! (Sorry about Kayla's knees!)

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