This new year of 2010 I resolve to have no resolutions. I am going to try some things, but if I don't succeed then I will just try again, no resolutions to break.

I can't say I won't yell at my kids so much...they are not around very often so I really have no reasons to yell at them at all. I will however try to be a little more understanding when they call and ask for money...after I just sent them money a week ago! College is expensive, not only in tuition but also just to live away from home.

I am not going to try to lose weight, I have my husband and family so who do I need to impress? I am healthy at the weight I am, granted I would like to be thinner but as long as I am healthy the extra cushioning is just a great way to stay warm.

I don't make it to church nearly as often as I should and I am going to try to go more often, and I am going to try to have Dan go with me. Church is good, but going does not make me more of a Christian just like not going does not make me any less of one. I can worship every day of the week just by being thankful that I woke up to another day, by seeing or talking to the kids I have been blessed to be a mother to and by going to work and dealing with the public.

Dan says I am a bit of a clean freak...but I like a clean house. Therefore my goal this year is to keep the house cleaner than I have been...which is difficult with Dan around during the day! So I guess my goal is to get him to clean up after himself a little more often. I have been working on this one for 22 years, so I am not expecting much.

Basically I am happy with who I am and how people see me. I try to be kind and patient with others, sometimes it is more difficult than others! I spend as much time with my family and Dan's family as I can, but I can try to spend more time with all of them. Family is important.

I have some friends that are like family to me and I think they need to know that. Two girls are like my sisters and I wouldn't be who I am without them. I really need to spend more time with them too. I have a friend who is facing major medical issues and I really want to spend some time with him before he is gone. I also have a friend who has a girlfriend from far, far away and I want to meet her and get to know her more than just on Facebook.

I think my main thing to try this year is just to worry less and love more, forgive easier and forget faster, not let the minor annoyances get to me and speak up when necessary. My year will be what I make of it...and I plan to make it one to remember :)

date January 1, 2010

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