Yet another day of looking out the window and seeing nothing but road, no houses, barely any trees...just whiteness. Gotta say, I loved snow days when I was a kid, but as an adult they are a totally different thing. After the last snowstorm we had I am a little paranoid about the electricity going out. I also worry about keeping the house warm...we have little heaters all over the house just in case a room gets too chilly. Plus I am physically incapable of just sitting and doing nothing when I am home..there are so many loads of laundry to wash and dry, so many floors that need vacuuming and sweeping and mopping, toilets that need cleaned, cookies to bake and meals to prepare. To me a snow day is just an extra weekend day to get more work done!

We have lots of drifts in the yard and I am assuming on the road to the highway. Good thing Dan doesn't need to get in the front doors of the barn because there are big drifts there too. Huge icicles hanging from the roof...bigger than I have ever seen! No one has been out of the house, except for Dan to check on the pigs and figure there was no use scooping until it stopped blowing. Brian is still in bed and the girls are still in their jammies. It is nice to have everyone at home, but my goodness am I glad when we are able to leave if we want to!

Daytime television, when you only get "over the air" channels, is really quite pathetic. Once the game shows are over in the morning there is nothing but soap operas and court shows. Yet another reason to find something else to do! Of course there is no mail delivery out here in the country on days like this either. The internet comes and goes too. All the modern things I am used to having to connect with the outside world are shaky at best. But I don't mind for a day or two...just hoping we never have a repeat of the big blizzard of '75 no one can forget!

date January 7, 2010

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