Dutch (for my side)and Swedish (for Dan's side) versions of happy birthday.

Some stats for the birthday girl, who is 17 years old today!

Name: Kayla Jean
Named after her maternal grandmother

Weight when born: 9lbs 3.5 oz
Weight now: Not telling

Height when born: 20 inches
Height now: 66 inches

Current relatives:
One mother, one father
One brother, one sister
One grandfather, two grandmothers
Five aunts, five uncles, nine cousins, five second-cousins

Surgeries since birth: 3
Days in hospital for surgeries: 3

Musical instruments able to play: 6
Clarinet, bass clarinet, trombone, guitar, piano, saxophone

Houses lived in: 2

Schools attended: 1

Favorite color: Orange
Favorite thing to drink: Water
Favorite thing to do: Play her instruments or read
Favorite animal: Fuzzers (Cat)

Bands played in while in high school:
L-M Concert Band
L-M Jazz Band
L-M Marching Band
Iowa All-State Band
Cherokee Symphony
Pocahontas Community Band
Albert City Community Band
Storm Lake Community Band
Upper Midwest Music Camp Jazz Band
Upper Midwest Music Camp Concert Band

Best friends who have moved to other states: 2

Proms attended: 2

Class offices held: 1
Junior class president

Other things done and accomplished in life: Uncountable

Happy birthday to my beautiful, funny, crazy, shy, loud, soon to be high school senior, favorite 17 year old band nerd!

date August 6, 2010

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