Final college visit with Kayla was to Augustana in Sioux Falls. We got there about 5 minutes late, but since it was a private visit that was not a big problem. Started the visit by talking to the admissions counselor, she was very knowledgeable and "sold" the college well. She was also very energetic and excited to hear that it was Kayla's birthday! Even gave Kayla a free Augustana t-shirt as a birthday gift, so that was cool.
Next we got a tour of the campus, this tour guide actually knew a lot and a was happy to admit when she didn't know something! We saw all the buildings but didn't get to see much in the music area because the tour guide had never really spent much time in that building and didn't have any idea where the band room even was :) The campus is beautiful and easy to get around...the freshman dorm rooms are really good sized and with the beds lofted there is a lot of room! Only down side is no air conditioning in the freshman dorms, but even yesterday, at 90 degrees, the room wasn't very warm. This is the first campus I have seen where there is a parking lot right outside the door of the dorm...that would be handy!
So now Kayla has the tough choice of choosing between three colleges! She has already applied to USD and Drake and plans to apply to Augustana as well. Then, in the fall she will go to each school and sit in on a "normal" day in the life of a band student. After that she decides which one or ones she wants to audition at for admission into the music department. (College admission and music department admission are two different things). Then the tough choice of which one to finalize admission to. It is going to be a busy year!

date August 7, 2010

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