Lately Kayla has been having a lot of trouble with headaches. Constant, daily, almost debilitating headaches. She went to the doctor and was diagnosed with stress migraines. Hard to believe a high school kid should have that much stress, but let me share her schedule for the month of April.

School Monday through Friday.
Work at Arby's two to three nights a week and usually Saturdays.
Physical therapy two afternoons a week.
Private band lessons once a week.
Symphony practice two times and then a performance.
Set up for Swing Show after school
Dress rehearsal for Swing Show after school
Swing Show
Practice before school for solo music contest
Jazz band and/or show choir practice before school
ACT college test
Solo music contest
Decorate cakes for grandparent's party
Attend and perform in program for grandparent's party

Now mind you, every single thing on this list is something that she has chosen to participate in and wants to do. But holy smokes, is it any wonder she has no free time and stress headaches? Luckily May looks a lot better...

date April 8, 2010

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