The previous Josephson generations were an interesting bunch. Rather than take broken down, rusted things to the dump or to be recycled they buried them. Therefore, in my yard, deep down under the grass, or in some cases not so deep are:

An old green DeSoto car (belonged to Dan's great-uncle Earl)
Parts of corn pickers
Parts of a pull-type combine
Cellar filled up with tin cans and junk and part of a house (we have a small hill in the backyard where it is all buried)
Various farm junk accumulated through the years-rocks, fence wire, glass bottles, tin cans...

Of course before anything was buried all the good stuff was taken off of it. The sprockets and chains and anything usable.

My favorite thing is the car. They buried it because years ago the junk dealers wouldn't take cars. If you wanted to get rid of it you had to cut it into pieces that were no more than 18" x 36" and it took more money to cut the stuff up than you would get in payment. But the best thing of the car is that there is a small hole in my yard where you can look down and see part of the car! It is like a little buried treasure, a little surprise, a fun story. This Josephson generation hasn't buried anything, and Dan assures me there are no bodies out there...but if holes suddenly appear in our yard don't ask too many questions.

date April 3, 2010

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