Bunch of rambling...

1. This is the first day in WEEKS that the sun is shining. Plus it is warm outside and a lot of the snow in our yard has melted...yippee! On the way to work there is a stretch of road where the river runs under and beside it and holy smokes is it out of its banks! When I went to work this morning the water was about a foot below the road...on the way home tonight it was about 3 inches below the road! I am wondering how long before it is over the road and I have to find an alternate route to work.
2. Brian is home for spring break for a week. He is going stir-crazy! He is so used to having something constantly going on at KU that sitting at home is really boring. Today he has been helping Dan work outside since it was such a nice day and he will do the same tomorrow, but Friday and through the weekend it is supposed to be nasty so he will be bouncing off the walls again. It is funny...Becky was home last week for spring break and spent most of her time sitting around, messing on the computer, just being lazy. Brian can't sit still.
3. Albert City was on the front page of the Times 3 times today! Once for some people who videotaped people in their tanning salon as they got undressed. Once for a man that was killed in a farm accident. Once for a non-denominational minister in AC who married two men. Three times and not a good one in the bunch!
4. Becky has 7 weeks until she is done with college. Hard to believe it has already been a year of college for her!
5. We have a calendar on the fridge that is one of those erasable ones that you write on with a marker. When I filled it out for March I literally had something to write on every single day of the month! Between Kayla's school things, Dan's schedule for loading or unloading pigs, birthdays, anniversaries, doctor appointments, physical therapy appointments, and band lessons it is a busy month!
6. Thursday night is my favorite night of the week...simply because CSI is on! I don't really watch much in the evenings just because there is nothing good on, but I make sure supper is done and the dishes are washed by 8:00 on Thursday!
7. I just finished two really good books, one by Jackie Collins called "Poor Little Bitch Girl" and one by Jodi Picoult called "House Rules". I have read every single book both of these women have written...they are excellent authors.
8. I have to write this last thing as number 8 because otherwise I would end at 7 and I don't like odd numbers. :)

date March 17, 2010

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