About 13-14 years ago Kayla started to talk, to me anyway. Back then she was so shy she wouldn't even talk to her dad...other than to say "cracker please" whenever he was eating crackers. As she got older she got better, but was still shy. When she got into high school she was a lot less shy, but still didn't talk a lot to people other than her friends. Then, this year, she is the only Josephson at school. No more Brian or Becky to talk for her. She is no longer the shy little girl she once was! Yesterday, for example, she went to a show choir competition and happened to see a boy that she had sat next to at All-State band this year. She walked right up to him and started talking to him, reminding him where they had met first of course! That was so unlike Kayla just a few years ago! Even back when she was going to the Garton's after school with Brian and Becky, before I would get home from work, she would barely talk to Denine...and not at all to Jim. Now she talks to them like they are old friends, like she was never shy. She talks to anyone who talks to her and approaches people freely, she stands up in front of strangers and does speech, she does solos in band, you would never know she is the same little girl who hid her face everytime someone talked to her. I must admit, I never thought that day would come, but I am very proud of her!

date March 21, 2010

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