I was eligible for a phone upgrade on our cell account so I decided to splurge and get a BlackBerry. I really shouldn't say splurge because the phone was free after my mail-in rebate, but I feel like I have really stepped up in technology with this phone...or actually hand-held computer. I can text, take photos, email, keep track of all my appointments (and Kayla's), surf the web and many more things that I probably have no idea of yet!

We had internet on the account for Brian's old phone (he had a fancy one with internet but wanted to exchange it for a simple one that just makes calls and texts...mostly because he wanted a smaller, lighter phone so when he had it in his pocket it would't pull his pants down!) and for an extra $5 a month we could change that to unlimited internet so I decided to go for it. I did some other plan changes like less minutes because no one actually uses the phone to talk...it is all texting (except for Dan of course)! So in the end we ended up paying less a month to add the BlackBerry with unlimited internet than we were paying before...gotta love that!

On the calendar on the phone I put in all the appointments and things I need to be reminded to do. For example...for several days Kayla's lunch account at school had been in the negative and I would think of it when I was at work, but of course forget to write a check when I was home. So I put a reminder in my phone and an alarm went off at 6:00 last night so today her account has money in it again! Everytime something comes up on the calendar an alarm "dings" at me 15 minutes before it is time so that I am reminded. Today is a crazy alarm day because Kayla gets out of school early, then she has an chiropractor appointment and band lesson and I have parent-teacher conferences tonight. So four times I am being reminded today!

I get my emails on the phone, I get my Facebook and Twitter updates on the phone and can make my own updates for Facebook and Twitter on the phone. I can send emails...in fact last night I put all my email addresses in the phone so I would be prepared!

I know it is silly to have so much reliance on a phone and silly to have so much fun with it. I also know I got along just fine without it...wasn't that many years ago I got along fine without a cell phone of any kind! But it is fun, and helpful...so I am loving it and it is all good! :)

date March 25, 2010

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