I have been doing some thinking lately and have some questions...please feel free to post answers!

If you are raised to attend church and believe in God but don't attend church every Sunday after you are grown does that make you less of a Christian? (no, just going to church makes you a Christian just like being in the garage makes you a car...you gotta do more than attend)

Is someone who professes their love of God and openly displays it more of a Christian than someone who loves God just as much but just doesn't proclaim it loudly? (no)

If you raise your children to love God, take them to church regularly, have them baptized and confirmed and then when they leave home they don't go to church, does that make you a bad parent? (no, children have minds of their own and need to make their own decisions)

Does the person who regularly reads the Bible know God better than the person who does not? (nope, God comes to everyone in different ways, don't have to read the Bible to understand Him)

Does God answer every prayer? (every single one, not always as fast as we might like or always with the answer we might want, but He does answer)

Are the sins of your children a direct result of your parenting? (nope, again, children have minds of their own)

Do you have to live the "perfect" life in order to go to heaven? (I have asked to be forgiven for my sins, so I will go to heaven with my very "imperfect" life)

Can you raise your children to become the person you want them to be...i.e. a worshipper and follower of God? (you can try!)

Just some questions I have been thinking about lately. I, obviously, put my answers behind each question, but I would love to have the opinions of others. Are my answers wrong or misguided? What do YOU think?

date April 24, 2009

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