Eighteen years ago a little girl entered this world, screaming and yelling and making sure everyone knew she was there. To this day, she loves being the center of attention.

My Becky, my first daughter, my first little one to dress in the frilly clothes and pink tights, the first to buy the headbands and barrettes for, the first for the little black Mary Jane shoes, the first to potty-train while sitting down!

I vividly remember when Becky was born, her little hand on her shoulder so labor was slowed down. I remember the weight of her when the doctor first put her in my arms and how she looked so tiny, but felt so heavy.

Growing up Becky was always the giggly, silly, laughing one. She could say some of the funniest things and not even know she was being funny. When asked what her name was, at age two, the response was "Sissy Grin"...I called her Sissy and Dan called her Sissy Grin because she was always so happy. As a little girl Becky was always smiling...except when her brother picked on her! Becky wanted to be the center of attention and had no problem with the spotlight, in fact, she craves it.

Although Becky is the epitome of "girl" she also has the strength and grit to be a farmgirl. Becky has learned to drive a tractor, throw bales, sort and load pigs, work on machinery and build buildings. She can go from full make-up to full pig manure in minutes without the blink of an eye.

Never before has there been someone quite like Becky. She is smart, beautiful, accomplished, determined and ready to take on the world. Her dreams are big and she has the motivation to achieve them. Never again will there be someone like my Becky, when God made her He broke the mold. Eighteen years flew by in a heartbeat and I have enjoyed every one of them. Watch out world, I am turning her loose on you and no one will ever forget meeting or seeing or hearing about Becky...she is going to take over and make the spotlight wish it could shine as brightly as her.

date April 9, 2009

2 comments to “18 Candles”

  1. grandma F
    April 9, 2009 at 4:57 PM

    Boy did you describe Becky to a T, she is everything you said and more. She will show this world what she is made of and there is not much that will slow her down. I know she will make us all prouder of her than she already has.

  1. Deb
    April 11, 2009 at 8:50 AM

    This describes Becky very well! I remember her sissy grin days! She is a wonderful young woman with a very bright future. We'll take a vacation to New York City someday and watch her on Broadway!!

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