Not much! Just leading a normal, boring life with nothing new or exciting going on. The girls are of course busy with school things and of course Dan and I work every day, but that is about it. I have become addicted to Facebook, much to the embarrassment of my children! But in my defense, I am most definitely not the oldest person on there...and I have made contact with a lot of my old high school classmates. I find it greatly amusing that the people who were to good to talk to me in high school are now my friends on Facebook. Oh, such is the way of the world. 

We get to go to speech again on Saturday, this time in Spencer, for State Large Group. Becky will be performing her ensemble and Choral Reading and Kayla will be performing in Reader's Theatre...should be a fun day. Becky and I have been working on the guest list for graduation, so far we are up to about 90 invites to be mailed out and expect maybe around 150 people to show up. The cake pans for the mini angel food cakes arrived yesterday, so now we are going to have to do some experimenting on baking and freezing them. I should start on ordering decorations too and should also go through her pictures to get them sent to Curt for making the DVD. I also need to get the payments sent to Loyola and KU so that they know the kids are for sure accepting the admittance offers, I need to get Becky started on looking at housing at Loyola and working on some scholarships they offer, plus the ones from the school. I should also make Brian some cookies as he put in a request for them last night.So many "shoulds" and so few "dids"! Oh well, I am good at last minute things too! But, I am best at going home at night and just sitting down and doing nothing :-)

date February 5, 2009

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