Things have been pretty quiet at our house lately, which is a good thing. The girls have been doing some things with school but nothing really has been going on. Becky had All-State speech last Saturday and even though they didn't win the banner I think they did a fantastic job and I am proud of all of them. This Saturday she has individual speech in Algona and then Honor Band in Storm Lake so it will be a busy day for her. Kayla also has Honor Band but she doesn't do individual speech...even though I tell her it would be good for her too :-)

Brian has been busy paying traffic tickets! He got stopped for a seat belt, speeding and then speeding again and when he was asked to show his insurance he was all flustered and couldn't find it, so got a ticket for $400. Since he did have insurance he had to go before the judge to prove it and get the ticket taken off...all the way in Des Moines of course! The boy needs to slow down...I told him if he would leave a little earlier he wouldn't have to drive so fast to get there! 

Dan has been fighting a cold for a few weeks so isn't getting much more done than what absolutely has to be done. I try to tell him to go to the doctor, but that would be silly, why would you do that? It is like having four kids somedays! I have been working on getting all the details worked out for when we go to the college visit to Chicago and trying to figure out all the college things that have to be done now. There seems to be a never ending list of little things that have to be done...papers signed, housing forms sent in, health insurance accepted or declined...and no matter what needs done it seems to need money to go with it! I should have planned better when I had kids and not had them close enough together so that more than one would be in college at a time! Oh well, I guess I had better get used to it because I have a feeling by the time Kayla goes to college Brian may still be there too. The joys of parenthood...

date February 26, 2009

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