I feel bad that I haven't posted in almost a month...yikes! I guess it is because nothing has been going on to write about, which is good and bad. The kids are doing great and keeping themselves busy. Dan has been crazy nuts with pig things so I spend many an evening alone...which means I can catch up on my quilting :)
I made a list of quilts I need to get made, right now the list stands at four, two baby quilts and two lap quilts. I still need to get Dan's lap quilt and Brian's queen size quilt quilted, but since I already have two quilts at the quilter they will just have to wait.
I am loving the "winter" weather we have been having, just enough snow to make me cuss when it was here and now nice warm temperatures.We are going to pay for it when spring comes and haven't got enough moisture, but for now I am enjoying it.
Nothing else going on, looking forward to Dan's birthday in a week. Planning on taking a trip to Spearfish the first weekend in March, hopefully Dan can work something out with chores so he can go too. Life is good down on the farm :)

date January 30, 2012

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