I have this problem. If I find something I really like I can never have just one. Be it shoes, purses, angels...or in this case nativity scenes. I have nine and if I see another one I like I will probably have ten...or eleven...or...

This particular one I found at a local craft show. It amuses me how you can't really tell which is Mary and which is Joseph.
This one I just bought this year, after I told myself I didn't need anymore. You can see how well I listen to myself :p
This is one of my favorites. Each figure is only about an inch tall at the most and it has the whole scene of the wise men and the shepherds and animals. I thought I lost it this year, but luckily I found it at the bottom of a Christmas tin...it is so tiny it would be easy to lose!
This one is one of my older ones, the stable was made by my dad so that makes it extra special. It is the centerpiece on my entertainment center every year.
This is the scarf on the entertainment center, it too shows the wise men and the shepherds. Not really a full-fledged nativity scene, but I still count it :)
This one is my all time favorite, the one I will never, ever part with. It was given to me when I was six years old, just before we moved to Marathon. Cheap plastic, but I love it!
Another oldie but goodie. Has been in Dan's family ever since he was a little boy. Cardboard and plastic, but it has held up really well.
Silent Night sits on my kitchen windowsill, tiny but adorable :)
The other new one I bought this year. I just thought it was so cute and almost childlike.
So obviously there is no doubt at my house where baby Jesus was born, although Dan likes to point out that since the wise men weren't really at the stable some of my scenes are wrong. Oh well, I love each and every one of them anyway.

date December 7, 2011

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