I am comfortable admitting I am a big girl...as in size, not age :p Therefore, some of the really cute clothes out there do not come in my size, but yet I want to stay "fashionable". So what is a girl to do? Become obsessed with things where size doesn't matter of course!

My current obsessions are:

Shoes - not really a new obsession, and they do matter for size, but not size as in body, just size as in foot, so that makes it easier. I think I currently have about 20 pairs of flats, four athletic shoes, a pair of boots and two pairs of heels. Loves me some shoes!

Purses - again, not a new one, but still thriving! I just bought a new purse, just plain brown, but it is so soft and roomy I absolutely love it! Gotta have a purse big enough for all my stuff, and whatever other things I throw in there and forget to take back out :p

Rings - once again, size does come into play here, but not if you are into the big rings that are now all the rage and have "watchband" style bands...makes 'em stretchy! I only have two so far, one is a big black flower and the other one is a bouquet of flowers with tiny colored stones in the middle of each. Every time I go somewhere that sells rings like these I check them out, but some are just too gaudy. Never fear though, I am sure I will find more :)

Fingernail polish - I recently decided I needed to stop biting my nails, and what better way than to make them pretty? I discovered polish that is just stick on, real polish strips that are sticky on the back and comes off with polish remover. My first try was zebra print and I was hooked. Now I have lots of colors to play with in regular polish such as red, pink, turquoise and gold. I painted them red the other night, then put some gold sparkles on top and now they look very autumn like :) I also have strips with hearts and some with purple leopard print!

So those are my current obsessions with fashion. This fall I have also fallen in love with Cinamon Dulce cappuccino, Vanilla Carmel latte and Carmex lime twist chapstick. Simple little things that make me smile :)

date November 2, 2011

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