Excitement at our house yesterday! Kayla was a participant with the LM jazz band at the USD Coyote Jazz Festival. Previous years they have gotten II and III ratings, in fact last year they were the only ones in their class (1A) to get a III rating. This year was a different story! They got put into the A class, where their small group of musicians should be, and came home with the first place trophy!! The bus had to leave because some of the kids had to be back for work, so Kayla asked me to stay and see if they placed. I sat and sat until they finally did the awards ceremony, not really expecting anything for LM. The announcer awarded the third place trophy, then the second place and I thought to myself, well this was a waste of time. Then he announced the first place winner as Laurens-Marathon! I looked around, no one was getting up and going down to take the trophy so I figured I must have heard it right...and went right on down and grabbed that big ol' trophy =) It took all my willpower to wait until I got to the car to call Kayla on the bus and tell her...she announced it to the rest of the band and the screaming began! They were so excited...but after we hung up Kayla called back a few minutes later to verify that I had actually said first =)

Last night we moved Brian into his apartment in the big city of Marathon. It is freshly painted and has a really nice little kitchen with new cabinets and counters. We got all his furniture moved in and his bed set up, he was very excited to actually get to sleep in his bed instead of on the couch! He still has a few little things he needs to get...like a shower curtain!...but nothing that can't easily be found at Walmart. I had forgotten what nice little apartments they are, his living room is good sized and he has friends right next door. The last tenant even left a nice grill outside his door, so he can barbeque this summer =) Kind of weird not seeing him on the couch this morning when I got up, but happy he is in his own place!

date March 18, 2011

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