Quick update...though not much going on.

Brian is loving his new job...yay! He is still dealing with the landlord at the Marathon apartments and trying to get in there. He calls her and she says the place needs to be painted before he can move in. He says he doesn't care if it is freshly painted, she says ok I will call you to meet me so we can look at the apartment and see if you want it. She never calls so he calls again and she says a faucet needs to be fixed before he can move in, but she will call him to come see the apartment. She never calls...this is getting old! He keeps bugging her...eventually she will let him move...just a question of when.

Becky decided work wasn't exciting enough, so instead of just cutting the sandwich for the customer she hacked off part of her thumb! She tells me it was gushing blood and ruined the sandwich. Of course, she felt compelled to text me a picture of the bloody thumb...bleck!

Kayla just competed with the show choir at a festival in Emmetsburg and they won first place out of four! Woot! Of course, it was because their "home room" was the Josephson room (it was the room of sister-in-law Kelly, and said Mrs Josephson above the door). There was even a personalized note on the board to Kayla when they got there...she was quite famous for the day.

Nothing new with Dan and me...no surprise there. The four kitties aren't doing anything new either :p

date March 8, 2011

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