It amazes me what my kids have taught me.

I am supposed to be the teacher and impart my wisdom of the world on them, give them the knowledge to succeed in this world, teach them how to do things and how to survive.
Yet I am the one learning from them...they are the teachers.
Brian has taught me about politics. Before his interest in them I simply voted for whoever the Democratic candidate was. I didn't pay attention to who was running or what they were saying. Brian taught me to listen to them, ask questions of their beliefs and theories and then make an informed decision.
Becky taught me how to dress. Somehow I fumbled through wearing jeans and sweatshirts for most of my life. Then Becky became the fashionista and now I can wear skirts and tights and pretty sweaters with confidence. I know how to dress for work and for play.
Kayla taught me about music. I used to listen to music and there were songs I liked to hear and sing. Now I can listen and hear all the different instruments and separate voice parts. I can appreciate the music for what it is, not just how it sounds.
All three of them of course taught me to laugh and love and cherish every second of every day. I knew how to do those things before they came along, but seeing them and talking to them just reminds me how important it is to enjoy every day I am given.

date October 27, 2009

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