Since it has been raining and/or snowing for a solid week now very little has been done in our fields for harvest. Therefore I have a cranky husband and I am getting that way myself. are some good things that make me happy...things to think about and remember when I look out the window at all the precipitation :)

Listening to Kayla practice her bass clarinet for All State auditions.
Knowing I get to take my girls to see "Wicked" on Saturday.
When Brian calls just to talk and update me on his life.
Talking and laughing with my co-workers...they are quite a bunch!
The cool weather...means I get to wear all my favorite sweatshirts.
Snuggling under homemade quilts with my honey.
The smell of pumpkin pie baking in the oven.
Watching all 8 of the cats come running into the garage in the morning when I open the door...they are hungry!
Knowing Brian may be coming home in two weeks...after being gone for two months.
Unexpected emails and phone calls from friends.
Knowing that eventually the harvest will happen, God will stop the rain (after all, I remind Him every day that it needs to stop!) and in a very short time I will be wishing for rain instead of snow!

date October 15, 2009

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