Kayla is 16.
Kayla can drive by herself.
Kayla is a junior in high school...the 11th grade.
Kayla is taking Basic Comp, Spanish III and Chemistry.

All of these are simple facts about Kayla. Yet I am unable to wrap my brain around them. How in the world did this happen? I can look at her and see she is grown, I can listen to her talk and hear that she is grown. Yet I find it impossible to believe that it is reality.

Now I am not saying this just because she is growing up. I honestly have a difficult time with these facts and realizing that they are indeed facts. Yes, she is the baby of the family, so that may be part of it. Yes, she is the only child living at home so I tend to "baby"her more. But in my head, while I know she is older and wiser and well on her way to leaving for college in a few years, I cannot make myself understand how this all happened so suddenly. I understood when she was 15 and in 10th grade and driving with a school permit. I understood when she had to be taken everywhere she wanted to go. I understood when she was taking English, Spanish II and Biology. Why can't I understand that she is now a year older and more advanced? Why do I struggle with this so much this year? Why suddenly now? Why?

date August 28, 2009

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