We got Becky all moved into the dorm at USD today...she had to be there a week early to start marching band. She had a lot of stuff to take and suprisingly it all fit! She seemed a little nervous about all of it, but I am sure once she makes some friends and gets involved she will have a great time. She went to the bookstore and got most of her books, there were two that weren't in yet so she will have to go back in about a week to buy them. The worst part of her day was parting with the money to buy the books! Dan and I took her for a little ride around the town so she could get an idea of where things were and she will have to walk around campus to find where all her classes will be. It wasn't too hard to leave her behind, she was ready to put all her stuff away and didn't need mom and dad in the way...so now we are a three person household...crazy!

date August 25, 2009

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