Contrary to the way this blog looks lately I do have children other than Becky! Just because of all that has been going on with her lately she has been the focus...and keeping me busy. But...Brian and Kayla have being doing things too...and of course that keeps me hopping as well.

Brian is busy with his last few days of fact his last day is today. He has been working on getting everything done for Kansas too. I told him he was old enough to do all the work that is involved in enrolling in college, since I did it all before it was time he found out what is going on. Boy did he find out! Housing forms and deposits, enrollment forms, financial aid...the list goes on and on. He went to Kansas for a visit last month and loved the campus and town so he will be happy there...where it is warm and not snowy! This boy is solar-powered and does so much better in warm weather...and while Kansas can get cold it is not as cold as Iowa. Even though he is gone from Ames I will still root for my ISU Cyclones!

Kayla is just working her way through the end of the school year...which now goes to June 2nd because of all the snow make-up days and missed days for state basketball. She will soon be doing semester tests and then have May Term with Sioux Central...which she is not looking forward to. She signed up for Forensic Science for May Term and is now wishing she would have chosen something else...but there were no music options so that was her choice at the time. Luckily one of her friends is also in that class so at least she will have someone to hang out with. Next week she is going to help Grandma J. decorate cupcakes for graduation...her May Term class last year was cake decorating so she has experience!

Life is forever passing by fast...that happens with kids I am told! I am looking forward to summer when everything slows down and I can go home in the evening and not have a school function to go to...but until Kayla gets her driver's license I will still be going home and playing chauffeur. The joys of summer!

date May 6, 2009

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