Sometimes it is the little things that you never think about, things you just figure will happen on their own and you really have nothing to do with it. Like what your children will grow up to find fascinating and entertaining. I guess maybe I shouldn't be so surprised that some parents have such an influence on their kids. After all, I am very involved in their lives so some of the things I like shouldn't surprise me that they also like.

This is my wall in my office, I love the Beatles. Have since I was in high school. Brian loves them too. He grew up listening to them because that is what I listened to when he was too little to know the difference. Brian is also loving being back in Iowa and helping Dan, because that is what Dan loves and he has ingrained the love of farming into Brian. That makes me smile.

Awhile back Becky called and asked me to make a baby quilt for a friend of hers. Becky knows that I love to make quilts and she knows that is is awesome to give one to someone. Becky also knows how to sew, in fact she requested, and received, a sewing machine for Christmas this last year. Now Kayla has made herself a lap quilt and is making two more quilts for her friends. Both my girls have my love of sewing and that too makes me smile.

So I guess some things never change from generation to generation. I'm glad they don't.

date July 2, 2012

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