No matter what language you want to put it in, I have a lot of shoes. Thirty four pairs to be exact :) Beside our main door into the house is a basket where we put our shoes, and today it was overflowing so I decided to sort it out and take the less worn pairs upstairs. I took out two pairs of Kayla's and left two pairs of hers. I left one pair of Dan's. Brian has one pair on and two pairs in his room. I took out five pairs of mine and left at least two pairs behind. I have a shoe rack on my closet door that holds 18 pairs, it is completely full. I have several pairs on my closet floor...I think I have a shoe addiction! I have everything from flip flops to sandals to tennis shoes to flats to boots. Not only boots - high boots to wear with jeans tucked in, snow boots, mud/pig boots. Flats in black,brown, red, purple and gray. Tennis shoes in green and pink and white and gray. Flip flops in every color under the sun. Tan sandals, black sandals. Yep, it is definitely an addiction...but what a fun addiction it is :)

date May 13, 2012

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