On the occasion of Brian's 22nd birthday (how did that happen so fast?) I will list 22 things he has accomplished in those years...in no particular order :)

1. Learned to sit up
2. Learned to crawl
3. Learned to walk
4. Learned to talk (and hasn't stopped since)
5. Learned to read
6. Learned to write
7. Learned to use the toilet :)
8. Learned to dress himself
9. Learned to do math
10. Learned to ride a bike
11. Learned to drive
12. Graduated high school
13. Learned to fix many computer problems
14. Learned to play the trombone
15. Learned to act and do speeches
16. Learned to cook
17. Got a job
18. Got accepted into college-twice
19. Learned to climb a tree
20. Learned to build things
21. Lived in apartment on his own, paying bills and cooking for himself
22. Made it to 22 years old without causing his mother a heart attack or having her kill him for doing something stupid :)

Happy birthday to my favorite son!

date November 9, 2010

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