Valentine's Day. What is the big deal? The last few times I have been in Wal-Mart the aisles with valentine things have been packed. Everyone wants to buy their sweetheart a bunch of flowers or a heart shaped box of candy to show they love them. Silly, silly, silly! I don't want any of those things...not saying I wouldn't accept them, but I wouldn't put any love attached to them. I want my sweetie to show me he loves me by cleaning up after himself, by doing a load of laundry when I am running behind, by cleaning out my car, by taking me for a drive, by making supper, by just plain saying I love you. Sure I got goodies for the kids and we made valentine cupcakes to give to friends...but we do those things all year too. I often send the college kids packages and there are often homemade goodies on our counter waiting to be eaten. My kids know I love them because I tell them (and I give them money when they ask). Dan knows I love him because I tell him and because I make him supper and let him watch the boring shows on TV and wash his smelly pig clothes. At my house it is valentine's day all year long...we don't save just one day to say it.

date February 13, 2010

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