I look at this picture and it amazes me...I have three grown children! When did that happen? As I sit here typing this the house is empty except for me and my honey. Brian is in Lawrence and Becky is in Vermillion and Kayla is in Laurens. When we first moved to this house it was the perfect place for us...big enough for three kids to run around, a big yard to play in and room to grow. Now when it is just the two of us at home it seems empty and too big. Wow, I never thought that would be the case, especially when all three were home and fighting with each other!
I know my kids are grown or almost grown but it doesn't really hit you until you see it in living color right in front of you. Time flies when you are having fun I guess and time did fly. I could say I wish they were little again or that I could go back in time and raise them again, but I don't wish those things. I loved raising them, and that job is not done. I do miss the babies they were, the first smiles and first steps, but just think of all the firsts I still have to look forward to! The high school and college graduations,the weddings, the grandchildren, the houses they will live in where I can visit, the holidays with their spouses and kids all gathered around. So many things and events I have enjoyed over the last 21 years and so many things and events I still have to look forward to. Yes, it surprises me that they all look so adult in the picture, after all, you don't notice that when you see them all the time, but it is so worth what we have been through and what we have yet to come. Life is good in the Josephson household :)

date December 4, 2009

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