Not much new or exciting in my life, but thought I should update anyway. Had a nice weekend over the fourth...went to see the parade in Storm Lake and then spent the afternoon with Shari and Nick walking around looking at all the vendors and watching the cardboard boat races. Didn't see any fireworks this year...I told Dan we must be getting old because all the kids went off on their own to see fireworks, we didn't have to take them!

Becky has been staying very busy with work, works almost every day. She seems to like the job most days, but it sure wears her out. I think her favorite day is payday...but who doesn't love that day? Brian is having a good time at camp, has made lots of friends and even one "special" friend. He usually comes home on Saturday nights just so he can sleep in a real bed, but I have been busy every weekend so haven't had much time to visit with him. Kayla has been hanging out up at the lakes with Fred every weekend, last weekend she went on a 25 mile bike ride and actually enjoyed it! 

I hear from Eli every now and then, he can't tell me the exact date he is leaving for Iraq, but I have a general idea...and it makes me nervous. He left base the other night when he wasn't supposed to and got in trouble, along with a lot of other guys. Boys!

Next week we take Kayla to band camp for a week at USD, she is very excited! We also are celebrating some birthdays this month...Brenden is today, Ila is the 20th, Nola is the 25th, Eli is the 27th and the wedding anniversary for Keri and Chris is the 23rd. Lots of things to celebrate :)

date July 7, 2009

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