My boy has gone and left me :( Brian is gone to camp and has no access to his phone unless it is a Sunday afternoon when he has a day off. I am so used to being able to call him whenever I get the desire to, this is hard on me! I am really missing him...didn't think it would be this big of a deal. The worst part of no contact is that I don't know if Brian is enjoying his new job or wishing he had applied somewhere else. I got a text from him (at midnight!) a few nights ago asking me to send painkiller for his ankle, but that is the only contact I have had since he left. He will be home for a day next week before he goes to Kansas for orientation so I am looking forward to hearing all about camp then...but he hasn't had any kids yet so I will only hear about the training he has been doing...I am very anxious to hear how he likes having campers to take care of! My boy is gone for months and I am feeling lost without him...who figured this would happen?

date June 10, 2009

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