So everyone made it to the doctor today and everyone got treated for their "ailments". Dan had to have his blood pressure medicine increased, not a real big surprise there. Brian was tested for and diagnosed with ADHD, not a real big surprise there either. He was also tested for thyroid problems, but we are still waiting for those results. Kayla got her finger checked out and found out it is broken...all this time I have been telling her that it wasn't broken because she could move it. I officially won the "worst mother of the year" award for that one!

Brian was glad to finally have an answer (part of one anyway) to his troubles. He had gone to a doctor in Ankeny and was told they don't do the testing so they referred him to someone else...who then told him they don't take his insurance and sent him to someone else...who said it would be at least two months before he could get an appointment. After all that run-around I said forget it, come home to the family doctor who actually cares about the patient. We are both glad that he did!

date March 4, 2009

1 comments to “What's up doc...part duex”

  1. Jennifer
    March 5, 2009 at 10:21 PM

    I'd say you had a very FULL day. And now, I'm praying you feel FULL of the Holy Spirit. Praying ....

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